Montchoisi, 2011

Among the many facets of the site, I quickly felt that my work would be built on the three themes: night, water and girls. As often, I have tried to produce rather abstract images that express a certain timelessness. In Genesis, darkness dominated before the advent of light, and water existed before the earth. Water is an essential condition for the emergence of life, it relates to birth and childhood. Moreover, I am very interested in the number three, it expresses totality, completion. From the ancient concept of the ages of life to the Freudian definition of the different stages in the evolution of the self or the Fates who rule the destiny of mankind from birth to death. The number three constantly appears, like the triads in my photographs. Thus, the different states of water, whether liquid, vaporous or solid, or the three colours that dominate my images of Montchoisi, black, white and blue.