Le Sapin, 2010

For this work I was invited to create a series for the exhibition Promenons-nous dans les bois, Une rétrospective de Pierre Aubert avec Nicole Hametner & Vincent Kohler. In the centre stands a photograph of a silver-painted fir tree. The analogue print measures 265x200cm and figures as a portal within the night-time universe of the series. Opposite hangs a large still life showing a composition of insects grouped around a big stag beetle lying on its back, composed like an image of a wake and framed in dark wood. A sequence of three dark night shots of the forest are installed high above. The series ends with a photograph of an old dying larch opposite a self-portrait. The curator Philippe Känel comments on this juxtaposition: “one could say it is the quest for resemblance, to finally end up in a statement of the uncanny.”

Le Sapin 1
Le Sapin 2
Le Sapin 3
Le Sapin 4
Le Sapin 5
Le Sapin 6
Le Sapin 7
Le Sapin 8
Le Sapin 9
Le Sapin 10
Le Sapin 11
Le Sapin 12
Le Sapin 13