HKB Newspaper N°1/2021

Dorothea Baur freelance ethic advisor with international experience in responsibility debates with Jürg Halter writer, lyricist and spoken word artist about trends, values, arguments and sustainability.

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HKB Newspaper N°4/2020

“It is interesting that nobody talks about an artificial darkness” Portraits of Till Hillbrecht and Max Reichen figures of the Bernese club and cultural scene. Interview led by Christian Pauli head of the editorial staff.

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BFH Stelleninserate, 2019

Commissioned work for the new online job advertisement appearance of the BFH, Bern University of Applied Science.

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Massarbeit, 2012

Commissioned work for Hochparterre magazine for architecture and design. For each issue of the year 2012 I realized a series of portraits of people working in specific rare manufacturing fields.

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HKB Gestaltung und Kunst, 2019

Portrait series of employees of the Bern University of the Arts.

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Eyra&Thomas, 2013

Fashion shooting for Eyra&Thomas, Swiss handmade woolen products, project initiated by Irene Schweizer.

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Champs Contre Champs, 2009

Portrait series of villagers of Assens, exhibited in the Espace Culturel in Assens.

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Adina, 2019

Portrait shot during teaching studio lighting with students at the Bern University of the Arts.

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Portraits, 2014 - 2020

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