Arts in Context, 2016

Commissioned work for the research department of the Bern University of Applied Science. Image concept, production, studio shots and postproduction for the issue Arts in Context.

Reproductions, 2014 - 2019

Reproduction for Prof. Robert Lzicars publication Mapping Graphic Design History in Switzerland.

Followed by two reproductions for the diploma catalogue of the Bern University of the Arts.

Creative Workers, 2013

Slides for the interactive Installation Cq7 Creativity Profiling Test. In collaboration with Michaela Lakova.

CAS Visuelle Rhetorik, 2017

Advertising poster for the CAS course visual rhetoric at the Bern University of the Arts.

Die Besten, 2018

Covershot for the Hochparterre magazine and their award with the three categories architecture, design and landscape. The trophy for their prize is in the shape of a bunny.

Lego, 2017

Studio shots for a publication of Prof. Dr. Arne Scheuermann.

Metronome, Incineration plant, Crystal