Archetypes, 2021

Whilst strolling through the woods, I discovered human-made constructions: huts, little prototypes built by children, playgrounds and what was left of them. I was fascinated by the primitive forms, the repetitive shapes, between organic free, fragile and rigid structures, the alternate between order and chaos. This ongoing project Archetypes and the construction of an image is based on my strong interest for the photographic process and the question where an image arises and where it manifests itself. The found provisional wooden constructions nourished these thoughts. It starts with the primordial idea of a shadow animal projected on a white piece of paper. The playfulness in the little prototypes directed my approach more and more into the visual universe of a child, where free chains of association seem to rule and the imagery finds itself often between vague representation and pure abstraction. My focus lies in the moment of creation and the fleeting nature of an image whose fragments emerge before disappearing again in the ever-changing landscape.

Archetypes 1
Archetypes 2
Archetypes 13
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