Aster, 2008

“In these photographs reigns a disturbing silence. With an overall atmosphere of the night, the work invites the viewer to meditate, as the opening picture indicates. This photograph of a figure with closed eyes and head tilted downwards functions as an allegory of introspection. It leads towards a descent into the depths of the night, into the unconscious.
There are night shots of urban landscapes, long exposures related to duration. Rich in shades of grey, they contrast sharply with the other group of images. This time in colour, they assemble objects, shot with a flash in the studio in front of a black background.
Aster explains nothing, its images rather work as catalysts; they only suggest the starting point for a reflection. Normally photography allows one to see the visible, but in these images the opposite predominates. It is the unseen that constitutes the veritable referent. These photographs are haunted by absence.”

(Sylvie Henguely)